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                                    ●In 1994 BEJ Established.

                                    ●In 1997 Set up switch workshop, mainly produce TV, pushbutton switch,hardware process. 
                                    ●In 1999 Founded inlet assembly workshop, mainly manufacture inlets. 
                                    ●In 2002 Possess ISO9001 certificate. 
                                    ●In 2003 Applied safety approval and logo & set up switch, inlet ORT test center. 
                                    ●In 2004 Accredited by HuntKey, Great wall and cooperated with them. 
                                    ●In 2006 Accredited by Foxconn and started business relationship & imported RoHS process completely. 
                                    ●In 2008 Dongguan branch established & Dongguan Jinjia possess ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates,meanwhileimported Halogen-Free process. 
                                    ●In 2010 Audited by Canon and started business relationship. 
                                    ●In 2011 Audited by LG&FSP Group&ACBEL and started business relationship. 
                                    ●In 2013 Audited by Chicony. 
                                    ●In 2014 Accredited by Solum, BOSE, Leveno, BYD and started business relationship. 
                                    ●In 2015 Accredited by Wistron, Lite-On,Flextronics, Samsung,Delta and started business relationship. 

                                    ●In 2017 Accredited by Emerson, APD and started business relationship.

                                    ●In 2019 Audited by Brother, IBM, SONY(gain SONY GP certificate) and started business relationship.

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