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                                    Structure of switch socket
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                                    Structure of switch socket:

                                    It includes: the first body, the insertion of a pair of electric connecting parts, and the second seat body, the first conductor piece, and the second conductor piece, and the third conductor piece and the controlled guide wheel, which is characterized in that the first body is provided with a notch, the path under the notch is provided with an electric connecting blade admittance set, and the blade of the electric connecting part can be used for the coupled electric signal Or electricity, which is characterized by:

                                    The second seat main body is a combination of the rear end of the first seat main body in the lower end thereof, which is provided with a baffle plate, which is respectively arranged on the side plates on both sides, and is included in the first channel body;

                                    The first conductor sheet, the second conductor sheet and the third conductor sheet are curved in shape, and the base part of one end respectively includes the electric control circuit or electronic device of the second seat through ear link arranged on the second seat body and from the bottom, while the first conductor sheet at the other end has a contact part depending on a fixed baffle plate and the second seat body The other end of the second conductor sheet is also provided with a contact part, the contact link of the conductor sheet and the first contact part, and the other end of the third conductor sheet is provided with a contact end;

                                    The relative side edges of the control guide wheel are respectively connected to the two sides of the second seat main body plate, so that the control of the guide wheel can be rotationally formed, a pressure contact part is arranged at one end, and the first seat main body of the channel extending into the slot has a contact surface at the other end, so that the third conductor plate at one end tightly contacts the intelligent contact end The contact surface, so that the second conductor piece of the contact part is a contact end which is not in contact with the third conductor piece. When the electric plug of the notch of the first seat body is inserted, the sheet of the first conductor's contact part is crimped, so that the second conductor piece and the contact part of the contact part are connected to the contact end of the third conductor piece through the rotating part of the contact part's guide wheel, so as to form Into cutting action, switch the connector as a multicast trainer and so on.
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