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                                    What is power cut off to protect the power socket?
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                                    This kind of power socket, the safety function of the power board that is not self resuming supply, will automatically cut off the power supply and suddenly cut off the power supply until the power is restarted, so as to avoid the power restoration unattended, which may lead to serious safety accidents such as electrical invalidity or fire, eliminate the existing safety hazards from the source, and in the use of ordinary sockets, it is especially suitable for use in public places, such as businesses Store, professional market or people with strong sense of prevention.

                                    Product features:

                                    1. When the power is cut off, it will be automatically shut down to avoid invalid power in the unattended state, so as to recover the output power of power supply in the state of waste of energy.

                                    2. When the power is cut off suddenly, forget to turn off the power which is away from the fire hazard. Be safe, worry free and at ease.

                                    3. Ergonomic design. The plug-in and plug-in slot are not easy to contact the metal sheet of the plug during use, so as to avoid the risk of electric shock.

                                    4. The structure design is reasonable, and the insertion distance is reasonable. Each insertion can be used independently without mutual influence.

                                    5. The shrapnel is made of high elastic phosphor bronze plug 100000000, which is fatigue, good contact and not easy to ignite.

                                    6. Bearing capacity to ensure that 2500W heating wire is not carried. 7. The inner core is made of high-temperature resistant PC + ABS engineering plastics, 125 ° C, no deformation.

                                    8. Flame retardant, resistant to 750 ℃ hot wire ignition.

                                    9. It is strong and durable, enjoying the whole life and eliminating the trouble of repeated purchase. Executive standard gb2099.3-2008 electrical parameters voltage range: 180V? 250V 50Hz design power: 2500W 10A max (pure resistance characteristic load) ambient temperature: - 10 ℃? + 42 ℃ temperature rise: ≤ 45 ° C (10a current) relative humidity: ≤ 95%. In such an environment, 48h ensures normal operation. Standby power consumption: ≤ 2.0W flammability level: ul94-v0 warning: 1. This product should be placed out of the reach of children to prevent the risk of electric shock. Do not operate the power cord with wet hands. 3. Do not use it in a humid environment and close to the heat source to ensure your safety. As shown in Figure 4, use this product to ensure that the front end is connected to the ground wire of the flow outlet connection to ensure the safe use of power. Power failure protection can not replace other electrical safety protection measures, such as earth leakage protection, overload protection. For electrical maintenance and socket connection, please unplug the power plug and prohibit live work.
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